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Price List

Basic Facial (85)                      Mini Facial (45)     Advance Treatment (90-150)

Hydra-Facial * Acne Facial * Oxygen Facial * Cold Therapy Facial * Skin Brightening Facial * Extraction and Exfoliation * Fruit Gel Facial * Micro-lift Facial * Microdermabrasion * Micro-current Facial *Galvanic Frequency Treatment* Ultrasonic Ion infusion * LED light therapy  (acne/anti aging/healing/brightening) * Scrub Facial * Dermaplaning * Microneedling by Dermapen* Chemical and Natural Peels * Mesotherapy Vitamin Infusion * BB Glow Facial, Hot Stone facial, Yoga facial, and Blemish Control Facial.

Chemical Peel   (Consultation Required)

 Glycolic acid peel  (90)       Salicylic Acid peel (90)     Lactic Acid peel (110)    TCA (150) Vi Peel  


Chemical Peel is used to improve  and smooth the texture of your skin. These treatments are intended to remove the outermost layers of the skin. The skin that grows back is smoother, younger  with a light to medium peel.

Holistic & Wellness  Nutritional Consulting

Body Scultping Weightloss - Ultracavitation, Lipolysis, ultrasound, Radiofrequency that targets the fat pockets with controlled heat that melts away fat naturally. Body contouring is non surgical and non- invasive procedure .No downtime

1 session   (90)   2 Session (160)    3 session (250)

* Packages  are available and are recommended for best results. (Consultation Required)

Natural & Oganic Body Wraps  3 session (110)

Plant Based Detox- Supplements

Herbal Therapy 

Vitamins & Supplements

Nutritional Coaching

Mind, Body and Spiritual Healing Coaching


Foot Detox                           (35)        Essential oil/Salt /Rose Petals


*Reduces pain through calming touch which may helps to improves  mood, reduces  from everyday stress and anxiety. arthritis,pain,improves digestion, back problems temporarily relief pain.


 Foot Analysis Acupressure  (25)          Light Massage Manipulation/ Pressure Points       

Cranial & Sacral Massage    (30)              *Natural healing and reduces pain reliever

Acupressure Neck & Shoulder  (1) Min       *Relieve pain and stress and healing.

Scalp Massage                   (30)               *Reduce stress hormones, hair growth, and boost mood 

Hot Stone Massage             (30)               *Basalt stone is used to relax, ease tense muscles, and                                                                          restore damage tissue. you may incorporate this with your                                                                  facial. 


Aromatherapy - Variety of Essential Oils to choose from   (10-25)

Lavender, Rose petals, Eucalyptus, Mint, Franckincense, Lemon

Soothing Aromatic Blends nature; best herbal healing provides aroma to de- stress, mange your anxiety, to gentle ease away your tensure of aches and pains, calming and relaxing. Boost your energy levels.

The Essentials

Waxing  (Men & Women)

Eyebrow         (10)​

Lip                  (8)

Face               (25)

Armpits           (15)

Leg                 (25)

Both Legs        (50)

Bikini              (35)

Arms              (25)

Back              (35)

Chest             (30)

Skin Removal- Skin Tag(s) (50) each unit - 4 or more flat fee of $160. consultation required.

                              Wart Removal (50) 

                               Tattoo Removal (100) hourly rate

Microblading/Microshading - (semi/permanent)  

1  Session (350) 1 free touch up

Touch up are (99)

Eyebrow Lamination  (80)

Eyeliner Semi/Permanent Tattoo -(150) with 1 touch up

Eyelash Extension 

Classic Lash   (65)

Full lash long   (85-110)

Dramatic/Volume (110-150)

Refills-   (25-50)

Lash Lift    (35)

Lash Tint   (25)

Add on Services- price may varies depends on add on Treatment (15-35)


 All Services are included except for microblading/microshading/ lash extension

Special Packages are available  Buy 5 get 1 free. Promotional Offers. Must be stamp at the time of Service. Special Offer are raffled every month. Referral fee incestives program inquire wih SPDC.


All treatments are all 30-90 minutes long per session depending upon your treatments that day. Please make sure you keep and  manage your time  and appointments. Must sign a waiver. 24hrs notification must be done for cancellations or you loose 1 session of your packages. We are not responsible for your personal belongings. please keep it with you at all times. We reserve the right  to refuse to service to anyone. No return or exchanges for any of the services and retail products. SPDC accepts Cash, Credit, Debit,Venmo, Apple pay, Zelle, Cash App.

SPDC follows CDC Covid Guidelines 2021

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